Nalanda Hall 3

For some reason I haven't scanned any pictures of the wooden beams that took a few days to fit. There was a bit of cursing of the architect here too (builders love to do that) Under the black plastic are 300 x 100 beams (one foot by 4 inches), again Douglas Fir. Only in four cases, they are doubled. That's a big beam. If steel had been used, it would have been a great deal lighter, faster, and cheaper. But hey - it's so easy to be wise in retro!

Anyway, these 8 wooden beams had to be bolted to tags on the steel portals. There were therefore 16 tags in total. One was in the right place!! Lucky us!!

By this photo, all the beams are up, and the first lot of rafters.

I also left out the photos of Nelson. Nelson is this very cool Swiss man who worked with us for a few weeks, and he shaped all the posts and beams outside, to support the veranda roof which you can see framed up here.

Purlins, which we were passing up to have something to stand on while working on the next roof level. Full size and full colour, this is quite an arty shot. Not that you can tell from this watered down scan :-)

So that's all three roof levels. The top part we call the "pop up", gives it a slightly oriental feel.

Lying on the floor and looking up at the pop up. Love that blue sky!


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