Nalanda Hall 5

Moving inside, lining the wall behind the shrine with tongue and groove. The angle is just for fun - worked out so the apex finishes at the ceiling line. Note all the stuff that was buried in the walls.

So the bottom level is all tongue and groove, and that finishes just around the corner so to speak, with that little upstand under the middle level windows. That forms an upside down pelmet, to hide a whole lot of lighting. This is because the next level is gib (plasterboard), which will later be painted with murals, so we wanted soft / hidden lighting to play on them.

The top level is also gib, and will have murals too - has it's own lighting as well.

Just starting to lay the Rimu overlay floor.

And it's all laid. Here you can see the effect of the deep walls - makes the windows down the sides look serious. They open fully, like doors, so when the whole place is open, the feeling is like a tent.

Now all that remains is plaster and paint up above, and lots of sanding, oiling, waxing and polishing down below.

The shrine, set up the night before HH Dalai Lama is due. You can sort of see the hidden lighting working. As well as all the little spots.

The last detail outside was a couple of lions. Very heavy. marble, or something similar. Unbelievably heavy.



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