Fairly Nice place, the South Island

(And yes, all the photos were taken by either me or Jo,my youngest son. This one just looks SO much like a postcard, I had to put it first)

Lots of variation, from Lakes like this, down to the strange rocks at the sea shore

Snow and wind ravagened trees

Interesting forest floor fauna and Zen gardens on top of mountains


Three men walking

The old man laughing, the eldest son smiling, the youngest son carrying the load

Three walks in the South Island, December 2006

Mt Arthur:

This is the tallest mountain at the top of the South Island, not so far from Nelson.
A one day climb from the car park, 4 hours up and 4 hours back down again, plus an hour or two to snooze at the top.....but on the way down we met a man running up. Distressingly soon afterwards, while we were resting, he passed us again - having run all the way to the top, and now back down again, 2 hours for the full round trip. I felt distinctly old. Pictures


This is a three or four day walk in Fiordland, you start by walking along the shores of a lake, then climb up into the mountains and walk along the tops for a day, after which you drop back down....then you can walk out in a day, or dawdle over two. We stayed an extra day right up on top, which was altogether highly satisfactory. Pictures


This is a three day walk, also in Fiordland, right at the very bottom of the South Island. Even in summer it can snow down to 800 meters every few days - and it did on us. Way cool, way hard - I was extremely tired at the end, 15 - 20 kilometers a day, even when climbing 900 meters in one day. And lots and LOTS of mud. Pictures